Business Platinum

A phone displaying the Kite Program app that can be customised to each business

A custom made solution

Our platinum solution that creates the biggest wellbeing impact for your people. One that you can control and shape. A 'create your own" wellbeing app.. Visually appealing and a focus on microlearning- we can make creating your own solution fun and seamless. Design and content can be completely tailored to suit your workforce. It allows you to create a program that is highly relevant and that addresses the current wellbeing and training challenges for your people.

A man looking happy as he speaks to a woman in a coffee shop

The Kite experience

Kite is based on small steps that lead to positive change. One activity arrives per day, which should take no longer than 5 minutes. Tick and receive a new activity the following day. Simple and effective. Without the noise and overwhelm.

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