Kite Veterinary

The world’s first veterinary-specific wellbeing app 

Kite Veterinary delivers content in our unique microlearning format with content suited to all levels and roles within the veterinary profession.  

Microlearning has been shown in numerous studies to increase efficiency in a range of disciplines as well as increasing learning engagement and even exam performance.

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A big problem

Across the world, suicide rates in veterinarians exceed those of the general population by as much as 400%. Studies have shown that recent graduates and females are more prone to reduced mental wellbeing and, with the average veterinarian staying in practice less than 15 years, it is clear we need to take better care of those who work in the profession.

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Tailored content for the industry 

Our solution contains over 35 weeks worth of content (remember users can only complete one activity per day!). Have a browse of our Kites and see the wonderful content within Kite Veterinary 

Why should I use Kite in my practice?

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Better client care

You can't be your best when you don't feel your best. Employees with better wellbeing scores have been shown to provide better customer satisfaction than those with poor levels of wellbeing at work.

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Increased productivity.

Studies have shown that employees who are mentally and physically healthy can be up to three times as productive at work. Additionally, those who feel positively about their workplace and have good mental wellness are also likely to take less sick days

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Return on Investment

The latest research from Xero shows up to 12:1 ROI for those businesses who invest in employee wellbeing. One European study reported for every Euro spent on wellbeing, there was an ROI of between €2.5 and €4.8 due to reduced absenteeism.

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