Kite Small Business

We haven't forgotten about small business

Kite Small Business has been created because small businesses are ‘the engine room of growth for the economy’.

Small business makes up 97% of businesses in New Zealand and 98% of businesses in Australia!

We started out as a small business just like you, so we understand that you may be under-resourced or wearing many hats.

Putting in place a wellbeing program that covers all staff is overwhelming. Here at The Kite Program we have taken all the guesswork out of it for you. 


Modern life has made us visual learners. 

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No one wants to use an ugly app

Here at Kite we provide you simple design options to reflect your businesses vision, values and aesthetic making it easy for you to collaborate with us on the program for your people. 

This makes the process easy and enjoyable. Why not include your staff in this process?

No more boring content

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Micro-learning allows your people to learn skills for life. 

We provide content that covers a broad range of topics from parenting to keeping active in isolation right through to leadership and professional development.

With an extensive and growing library of Kite’s you can choose topics that are relevant to your business and climate.

Geographically relevant ‘Are you Okay?’ mental health sections mean that your people have access to the right resources when they need it.