Our Story

The Kite journey 

The Kite Program was founded in New Zealand by mental health advocate and HR professional Hannah Hardy-Jones in late 2018. Hannah wanted to use her own lived experience of a serious mental illness for good- by creating a resource that could be accessible and applicable to as many people as possible. 

After starting life as an app resource for mothers, Kite has soared to many heights. The platform can be tailored and moulded to suit extremely specific groups of people. The global journey has only just begun. 

Hannah Hardy-Jones

Hannah Hardy-Jones

CEO/Founder The Kite Program
Mental health advocate
Say hello: hannah@thekiteprogram.com

Hannah's story

The story of Kite and how it came to be is one that is weaved into our client solutions. Storytelling is a powerful tool to change perceptions of mental health and break down the stigma.

Kite was inspired by Hannah's experience with bipolar disorder which she was diagnosed with after the birth of her first child in 2013. She made the decision to talk publicly about her mental health and how she copes living with bipolar disorder and she shares her story to reduce stigma and create hope. 

Watch this video to hear more about Hannah's story and the development of Kite for Mums. (Filmed in 2019)


Our Vision

Our vision is to create meaningful and impactful solutions to people who need it. 

We have aim to impact the lives of 10 million people by 2030 through our multiple projects. We look forward to having Kite across multiple languages and countries, with a focus on areas where there is a lack of wellbeing technology options.

Our ultimate vision is to be able to give back and fund projects that matter by gifting our platform to impactful causes. 



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