Positively impacting lives, one day and one kite at a time

Working with employers, charities and content creators to create meaningful digital experiences.

Its all about the design and content- our app is simply the vehicle. 

The bespoke nature of each solution means that it is relevant and tailored to each workforce and meets their needs. You can even involve staff into the creation of the solution. 

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Custom design

Branding and imagery is key to creating an impactful experience for people. We create an app that looks and feels just right for the user.

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Tailored content

The app takes users through modules called Kites. Every part of this program can be tailored to your people.

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How does Kite work?

5 mins per day
5 mins per day

Users move through the app one day at a time. Each day taking no more than 5 minutes. 


Each day contains a practical activity. Something to implement and assess whether it works in the users day to day work or home life. 

Kite modules
Kite modules

Content is broken down into modules- that are called Kites. Users can select the Kites that are relevant to them. 

On the go mindfulness
On the go mindfulness

As well as daily Kite activities, there is also an on the go mindfulness button. Quick and easy activities that can be done in a moment of stress. 

Let us help you create a tailored app solution for your people.

We create tailored solutions for organisations wanting to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of their staff, as well as creating industry specific apps. Our philosophy is that the more tailored the more effective the solution will be. Because "one size" does not fit all when it comes to mental health.

Kite for workplace Kite for industry

Icon Group

An employee solution for a world class cancer care provider

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

A bespoke solution for the UK veterinary industry

Supporting personal mental health journeys

Kite started life as Kite for Mums, a unique program to support maternal wellbeing. We continue to look for ways to support more individuals with specific mental health challenges and are proud of our work in this space.

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Kite for Mums

A beautiful app to support mothers at all stages of motherhood with their wellbeing and personal development.

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Kite Kickstart

Designed to support the UK governments Kickstart scheme which supports 16-24 years olds back into employment. This solution covers both wellbeing and employability skills.

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Love your Kite

A global resource to support Eating Disorder recovery. There is an overwhelming lack of resources for those struggling with an Eating Disorder and we are so proud to be making a difference in this space.

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A smartphone displaying a kite in the sky

The Kite experience

In this world of information overload, The Kite Program takes away the noise and delivers useful and impactful ways to improve wellbeing. Day by day, kite by kite.

Why a kite? A kite is a symbol of freedom and happiness and also a useful way to describe wellbeing. When you have the skills you can fly your kite in most conditions.

When you don’t have the tools or when you are mentally struggling it's difficult to get your kite off the ground. Here at the Kite Program we aim to give people the skills to soar.

Kind words

We work closely with our clients to help explore, refine and execute their ideas. Here’s what some of them are saying...

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