Kite for Mums

Kite for Mums- the first member of the Kite family

Designed to be a supportive journey for mums of all stages, it aims to give mothers the tools to cope with all aspects of motherhood. Like HR support in their pocket, it acts as a professional development tool combined with a wellbeing resource.

A phone displaying the Kite for Mums app next to a vintage camera and a plant

Designed to empower and support

The design of the app has been thoughtfully considered, with a move away from what we know as a “typical app experience”. No constant notifications, gamification or traditional user experience. Think of Kite like a beautiful coffee table book.

Phone displaying the Kite for Mums app on a floral background

Topics to suit everyone

Kite for Mums covers a wide range of Kite topics including relationships, winding down, mum guilt, juggling work and family, stress and comparisons. Like a mum HR toolkit in your pocket!

5 minutes per day to easily fit into mum life- whether you have a newborn or you are juggling full time work.

Buy Kite for yourself or as a beautiful gift.

Purchase a Kite for Mums subscription for yourself, or for a friend or co-worker. Look after your own wellbeing and show yourself some compassion. It is also a beautiful way of offering your support for another mum, a meaningful and kind gift. 

$19.99 NZD for a one year subscription. 

Why Kite?

Kite for Mums has been designed to support mothers through the journey of parenthood. 


Choose the Kites that relate to your current situation to support you in a personal way.


Work on yourself in your own time and in a place you feel calm.


One activity per day, 5 minutes at a time. 


Topics have been chosen to reflect mumlife- with a focus on your own personal toolkit rather than your parenting skills.

Start your personal wellness journey today.