Hannah is mum to Alice (5) and Henry (2) and lives with her husband Nick in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has worked in Human Resources for the past 13 years, within the health, media and manufacturing/design industries.

She has a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Psychology) and a PG Dip in Human Resources Management

Hello, Im Hannah- the founder of Kite. If being a mum of two lovely small humans, a wife and a Human Resources professional wasn’t already a bit of a juggle, I’ve recently added App Developer to my list.

Coding certainly wasn’t a skill I was realistically ever going to learn, so with the help of a development team, I now own an app that I’m incredibly chuffed with.

Throughout my career in HR I always took pleasure in providing practical solutions that would enhance productivity and engagement. Seeing other people’s confidence and skills expand has been extremely rewarding.

Then, when I became a Mum, I was amazed to learn that there were very few solutions for dealing with some of the everyday challenges that being a mother presented. I knew that I wasn’t alone when struggling to deal with mum guilt, feelings of inadequacies and feeling a little disconnected to my husband (to name a few!). I longed for tips and advice; what I needed was an HR manager of my own to guide me through this new role.

So, the idea for the Kite App was born. I decided to create a private, manageable  and practical program for Mums everywhere. When I set out on the venture, I was determined to ensure that the platform wasn’t overwhelming, because being a parent is hugely overwhelming in the first place, right?

An app was the obvious vehicle choice for the program given that it’s so easy for mums to access and can be used and enjoyed in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. As well as being hugely informative, it was crucial that the app was beautiful in design, in order to make mums feel most special and cared for.

I battled with some pretty major mental health struggles after the birth of my first baby (which I share openly in my blog). And while the Kite App isn't a specific mental health resource as such, that journey did give me the courage to start this adventure.

If I can achieve one thing, it’s to make all users of the Kite App feel supported and empowered. Just like parenthood itself, Kite is a journey during which the smallest steps each day can initiate huge changes.

I hope you love your Kite journey as much as I have loved creating it for you.

Han x